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There’s something inherently inviting about sailing. Floating on top of the water with the wind at your back, seeing ocean all around you, and having only your trusty sailboat with you to get you where you want to go is a situation people pay good money to be in. Of course, those ocean-worthy sailboats don’t come cheap and often, when met with the reality of how much it will cost, the dreams of sailing become unrealistic for many. However, there’s now a way for people with a love for sailing to still live out their passion in some way, and they can do so with the aid of Best RC Sailboat

What Should You Look for in an RC Sailboat?

Depending on how much experience you have working with RC sailboats; the ease of assembly is something you should pay attention to. Some RC sailboats are relatively easy to put together and you’ll probably find your way even if you’re a novice if you follow the manual. Others are not quite as forgiving and should only be tackled by those who already have plenty of experience constructing an RC sailboat.

Once again, your preference will also come into play here, but if you have intentions of competing in races with your RC sailboat, then obviously, you’ll need one that features better aerodynamics and is just generally capable of picking up more speed while gliding on the water.

Alternatively, if what you are after is just the simple joy of sailing your boat on a peaceful body of water, then you can try to find one with a design scheme that is more appealing to you visually.

Lastly, you should also take note of the materials used for the RC sailboat. Some materials are better suited for boosting the boat’s performance, while other variants reinforce the durability of the vehicle.

With our basic information about RC sailboats out of the way, it’s now time to focus more on specific items currently available on the market.

Kyosho 40042S-B Fortune 612 III Ready Set RC Sailboat Vehicle, 612 mm,


Let’s start with the DragonFlite 95 from Joysway, and to be more specific, we’re talking about the plug-and-play version of this sailboat. What’s so great about this radio-controlled sailboat is that it features some truly remarkable pieces of technology.

The keel fin is made from carbon fiber, giving the boat more power when it has to speed up. The Mylar material used for the sail is highly flexible and can take on a lot of wind and efficiently converting that into momentum. According to Radio Sailing, the hull of the boat has also been specifically designed to be long and narrow, and the reason for that is to keep the boat lightweight.

Because it is such a lightweight item, it is more capable of picking up speed once a good gust of wind really gets behind it. The lightweight design may spark concerns that this boat will become incapable of remaining on top of the water once the wind really gets going, but designers have apparently already thought of that, which is why they chose to include some special rigs that are meant to serve as stabilizers.


If you’re looking for a fast RC sailboat, then this one should be able to easily meet your need for speed.

You can get additional accessories for the DragonFlite 95 which should help boost its performance.


Even when following the manual, don’t be surprised if it takes you quite a bit of time to properly put this RC sailboat together.

The transmitter and receiver are not included in the plug-and-play version of the DragonFlite 95.

Recommendation: If you’re considering getting into RC sailboat racing, then the DragonFlite 95 will be a good pickup for you.


Joysway DragonForce 65 Version 6

Next up is another Joysway offering, with this one known as the DragonForce 65 Version 6. The appeal of this latest version of the DragonForce 65 is tied to it combining accessibility with versatility.

The latest version of the DragonForce 65 is the kind of RC sailboat you get when you want an introduction into what this hobby is all about. However, because of the established price point for the new DragonForce 65, it doesn’t require potential purchasers to bust their budget just to get it.

If you want to join groups devoted to RC sailboats and really find out more about the nuances of this pursuit, then it will be easier to do so with a DragonForce 65 in your possession. Fellow owners of the DragonForce 65 may be more willing to lend you a helping hand and provide you with pieces of advice because they see that you too have fine taste in RC sailboats.


When looking for an RC sailboat fit for competition, the DragonForce 65 Version 6 is far from being a bad choice.

Assembly should not take you that much time.


Because it is a popular choice among RC sailboat enthusiasts, it may be difficult to stand out with the DragonForce 65 Version 6.

Recommendation: Aspiring RC sailboat racers will be happy with having the DragonForce 65 Version 6 as their main watercraft.

Kyosho Fortune 612

There’s something inherently captivating about the look featured by Kyosho’s Fortune 612. Obviously, plenty of factors should be taken into consideration before buying any RC sailboat, but if you’re someone who places in great value in appearance, then you will be very happy with the Fortune 612.

Designers strived for realism when they were creating the Fortune 612 and it shows in every inch of the boat. The addition of the miniature crew members adds a bit of needed charm to the sailboat.

The designers of the Fortune 612 did not focus solely on making sure that this RC sailboat looked beautiful. According to Kyosho.com, the shape of the sail, the boat’s aspect ratio, the hull and the keel have all been designed with the intention of generating efficient power. The sails are also durable and flexible, meaning they will be able to stay in service for a long time.


An aluminum stand has been included, so you can display the Fortune 612 inside your home whenever you aren’t using it.

Certain parts of this sailboat can be removed easily, and that should help you carry it around to different places.


You can probably find some faster RC sailboats on the market.

Recommendation: The Kyosho Fortune 612 works well as both a hobby and design piece and if you’re looking for an item like that, then this RC sailboat is worth considering.

POCO DIVO RG65 Sailing Boat

Many RC sailboats are on the pricier side, so you may regret purchasing one if it turns out that you don’t get that desire to try out racing or other activities related to the hobby. If that’s the case for you, then the POCO DIVO RG65 Sailing Boat may be something you will be interested in checking out.

The POCO DIVO RG65 has a very accessible price point, making it something that an interested hobbyist can purchase without fear that they are sinking too much money into an item they may not like too much in the long run. To be clear though, the lower price point for the POCO DIVO RG65 does not mean that it is a substandard RC sailboat.

It’s a waterproof sailboat, so repairs will not have to be made frequently and it is also capable of operating well even within smaller natural bodies of water such as ponds, and it’s also fun to play around with in a swimming pool.


It’s a compact sailboat that travels well.

The overall look of the sailboat is simple but still striking.


If you decide that RC sailboats are something you’re into, you will probably want a different one to serve as your main watercraft in the long run.


HobbyKing Phantom Sailboat

You can check out how quickly the Phantom Sailboat moves on the surface of the water in shared by YouTube user Kev Bamber.

The Phantom Sailboat features several components all designed for the purposes of maximizing its ability to pick up speed. According to HobbyKing, they have designed the sail that way so that it can take on plenty of wind and then use that to propel it forward at high speeds.

Designers even boast that the Phantom Sailboat will be able to move at remarkably high speeds when a stiff breeze catches in its sails, and on top of that, it should still be maneuverable, so you may even be able to pull off a few tricks with some practice.

To go with the features designed for speed, designers have included a reinforced rudder, fiberglass hull as well as aluminum turnbuckles and sail holders. Those other parts of the Phantom provide it with the stability needed for handling sailing at high speeds.


Few things are as enjoyable as high-speed sailing, and this boat will help you experience that.

The required items for operating this RC sailboat already come pre-installed.


There are other more visually striking RC sailboats out there.

Recommendation: It’s simple, if what you want most out of your new RC sailboat is something that can speed up in a hurry and leave its competitors in the dust, then the Phantom Sailboat from HobbyKing will likely prove to be a good acquisition for you.


Blackstar Fly 3 Limited Edition Mini Amplifier – Green

Picking up any new hobby can be intimidating at first. There are so many things to learn, concepts to understand, and probably the toughest part is just finding a good starting point. When it comes to RC sailboats, there are different elements of the hobby that you will need to comprehend if you are going to keep up with the veterans of the scene.

If you want to make your entry into the world of RC sailboats easier and more enjoyable, you can try starting out with the Racent Compass.

There are different reasons for why the Racent Compass makes sense as a starter item for someone getting into the hobby of RC sailboats. First off, the Racent Compass already comes 95 percent pre-built, so even if you have little to no experience with these construction projects, you should still be able to put it together.


This RC sailboat is designed for easy transport.

You can use this RC sailboat to participate in some beginner races.


The Racent Compass works best as a starter, so it may be wiser to invest in a different boat if you are not new to this hobby.

Recommendation: The Racent Compass is an ideal starter sailboat for the newbies out there.


What Is an RC Sailboat?

A radio-controlled sailboat, or RC sailboat, is a hobby vehicle that typically makes use of a transmitter, receiver, and a motor to operate. They aren’t completely unlike those remote-controlled cars and trucks that you might have played with when you were a kid, but there are some notable differences.

For one, RC sailboats are way more complex vehicles than those old toys. The mechanics are of the remote work the remote controls do work exactly like RC catamarans, RC battleships and RC submarines.

Each RC sailboat is an investment, something people pour money and time into, and so they expect nothing less than the best in exchange for their hard-earned money.

There are also clubs dedicated to RC sailboats and areas where it is common to see many of them operating simultaneously. In Singapore for instance, the country’s Public Utilities Board has opened up reservoirs for people who like to operate RC sailboats and other water-based hobbies.

Answering Some FAQs About RC Sailboats

Q: What typically powers up RC sailboats?

A: Often, the widely available RC sailboats make use of batteries.

Q: How much time will I need to assemble my RC sailboat?

A: This will depend on the model you are trying to build and how much experience you have with RC sailboats. Build times can range from just an hour or so to spanning days if you have other activities to take care of.

Q: What’s the price range for RC sailboats?

A: The controls are instinctive, though you’ll probably need plenty of practice if you are planning on getting into the competitive scene.


Best RC Sailboat comes in different shapes and sizes and offer different strengths of weaknesses. Regardless of your level of experience, there is an RC sailboat out there suitable for you. Playing around with RC sailboats can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, and it’s one certainly worth trying out. If you want to play in the sky, drones are also an interesting option. You will easily find the best drones under 300 to experience flying without spending too much money. And article ” drone battery charger ” will help you solve the battery problem for this flying toy