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27 Heartwarming (And Hilarious) 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 50 is a massive milestone and one we all have to accept as we get older. Whether they’re looking forward to the prospect or dreading it, give them a chuckle with Heartwarming 50th Birthday Gift Ideas, which are both hilarious and heartwarming.

Let’s see our list

50th Birthday Mug

For the half centurion who likes to be a bit fruity with their language, this hilarious mug gives a new definition to the “F Word”. It’s also available in two sizes.


LA Times Custom Birthday Book

Meaningful gifts are often the best and there’s no better way to celebrate your favorite person turning 50 than with this historic book, detailing how history has changed throughout their life.


50th Birthday FifTee & Fabulous Golf Ball Set

Par-tee in style with this set of golf balls. Printed with birthday messages for their 50th birthday, these balls will take pride of place in their golfing bag.


Vintage Candy Co. 50th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Box

We’ve often heard older relatives talking about the “good old days”. Why not give them a dose of nostalgia for their 5th decade on the planet with this retro candy box?


Fifty and Fabulous! Personalized Bracelet

This aluminum bracelet might look simple but you can turn it into a meaningful piece of jewelry with the option to add a personalized message on the inside. It can also be used to implement the 60th birthday gift ideas, so every 10 years, everything makes sense.


50 and Fabulous Glitter Wine Glass

For some, turning 50 will invoke feelings of fear and dread. Help them drown their sorrows with this glittery wine glass with the words “50 and Fabulous” across the front.


Personalized 50th Birthday Memory Locket Necklace

There’s nothing nicer than receiving a unique present for your birthday. This personalized locket can be made with your special friend in mind, even down to choosing their birthstone.


Colonoscopy Gag Gift Mug

One of the biggest things you should celebrate when turning 50 is that you’re able to get a colonoscopy! Let every 50-year-old know they should get theirs with this gag mug.


Happy 50th Birthday Flask Gift Set

With age comes wisdom and sophistication. This flask gift set will make sure they can always enjoy a drink in style; it comes with two shot glasses and a funnel.


Vintage 1969 Shirt

It seems crazy to think that 50 years ago, it was 1969. But for those turning 50 this year, this tee will be a cute reminder that they’re now considered vintage.


Personalized 50th Birthday Decoration

Choosing birthday gifts doesn’t come easier than this. For their 50th this year, get them this personalized canvas to remind them of everything they’ve achieved in their lifetime.


1969 Coin Ring

It doesn’t get more special than this US Half Dollar Ring. Minted in 1969, this will make a great gift for any 50-year-old; it will be an amazing conversation piece.


Top Shelf 50th Birthday Wish Jar

At their 50th birthday party, let all of their guests fill in one of these wish cards. Then present the jar to them; they’ll know just how much everyone loves them.


Still Bad Ass at Fifty Mug

There’s no reason why you should grow up once you hit 50. Let them know they can still be a badass with this hilarious (and slightly rude!) mug.


Fifty AF Socks

Socks might seem like a boring gift, something you’d get if you don’t know what to buy someone. Available in cotton or wool, this pair definitely isn’t a “socky” gift.


50th Birthday Necklace

Celebrate every decade they’ve been on the planet with this simple yet stylish silver necklace. Each of the 5 rings represents one of the decades they’ve been alive.


Personalised Mary Poppins 50th Birthday Gift

Show them that they’re practically perfect in every way with this Mary Poppins keyring. Complete with a tiny umbrella, a 50 charm and presented in a gift box, it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


Square Root of 2500 Tee

It’s rude to ask someone their age. If you want to avoid this awkwardness, this tee will instantly tell everyone how old you are; if they’re smart enough to work it out!


50th Birthday 1969 Penny Cross Key Chain

Finding a coin from the year you were born isn’t easy. However, with this keyring, your favorite 50 year old will always have a piece of their history with them.


Mark My Words 50th Birthday Mug

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, and it tastes even better in a favorite mug. This heartwarming mug will make an excellent 50th birthday offering.


Personalized 50th Birthday Ring Necklace

Made up of 5 rings, one for each decade they’ve been alive, this silver necklace is simple enough to wear everyday but it can be dressed up for special occasions, too.


New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Take a trip through the decades with this personalized book. It’s filled with front pages from the New York Times which were published every year on their birthday.

Prices vary

Fifty & Fabulous Shirt

People are expected to be mature when they’re 50. But if they want to be as fabulous now as they were in their 20’s, this is the tee for them.


Life Begins At 50 Hat


Most of the annoying things in your life will have disappeared by the time you’re 50; like debt and kids. This hat shows that life can truly begin at 50.


I Am 49 + 1 Middle Finger Stemless Wine Glass

Drinking on your birthday is an unwritten rule, even more so on your 50th. This stemless wine glass has a fruity message on, just like the wine they’ll be drinking.


50th Birthday Bracelet with Charms

This bracelet can be personalized to the person you’re giving it to. Not only can you choose the penny from their year of birth but you can also add their initial.


18,262 Days Young Travel Tumbler

Save the planet with this birthday gift. They’ll be able to grab a coffee to go in this reusable cup, complete with the number of days they’ve been alive for.


5 Thoughtful Diy 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Diy Tiny Message/Photo in a Bottle

Simple gifts are often the most meaningful, even more so if you’ve made it yourself. This DIY photo in a bottle will take pride of place in their home.

Diy Simple Suede Cord Bracelet

There’s no reason why you can’t get someone a nice gift if you’re on a budget. Read this tutorial and you’ll soon be making hundreds of these DIY bracelets.

Diy Yard Jenga, Dominos and Yahtzee

Yard games are the perfect accompaniment to a birthday party, and instead of spending money on store bought ones, have a go at making them yourself with this post.

Diy Seaglass Bowl

Being near the sea is so relaxing. This DIY sea glass bowl will give the feeling of being at the seaside, even if you live hundreds of miles away.

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