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Best Heat Guns Reviewed

Best Heat Guns: Evaluated & Contrasted For Getting Rid Of Paint by roofofafrica

Heat guns are a great enhancement for a DIY’er to have in their arsenal. Warmth weapons have a large variety of usages as well as are most generally made use of to strip paint.

They can also be utilized to dry out wet timber, bend plastic, soften adhesives and shrink covering.

Exactly how Does A Heat Weapon Work?

A warmth weapon will constantly have a source of warmth. This is typically generated by a burner but sometimes contains a gas flame. There is also a system to relocate the warm air, generally an electrical follower.

Heat weapons include a nozzle which guides the warm air as well as a power switch to transform it on. Sometimes the warm gun will include other attributes such as otherwise shaped nozzles, ergonomic deal with or exterior stand.

A warmth gun will send out temperature levels between 100 ° C as well as 550 ° C (200-1000 ° F), while some can run higher.

What Can I Utilize A Heath Gun For?

There are lots of usages for a heat weapon, but right here are one of the most prominent applications.

Repaint Removal

Taking off paint from furnishings or various other woodworking things can be a discomfort unless you have a warmth gun. Getting rid of paints without making use of solvents and chemicals is much safer as well as environmentally friendly.

Paint Drying

If you remain in a rush to get your painting tasks done, it is possible to make use of a warm gun to decrease your wait time.

Diminish Wrap Applications

Whether you collaborate with videos or gift baskets, applying reduce wrapping is a lot easier with a warm gun.

Weld Plastics

The heat weapon will certainly require an unique nozzle, but a warmth gun makes it simple to weld PVC pipes and also floor ceramic tiles.

Soften Adhesives

Eliminating a bumper sticker from a vehicle is simple with a warmth weapon. Any type of eliminating deposit can be removed with WD-40 or Goo-Gone.

Thaw Frozen Pipeline

Ever before switch on the tap and also locate that there is no water during the cold weather? Apply warmth from your warm weapon over the icy area of the pipeline and thaw it promptly. Just take care to do it gradually and also make certain your pipes can handle it or you might have a larger mess.

Bring Back Automotive Trim

Older cars and trucks have a tendency to do not have radiance in their trim. Take the warm gun to it as well as restore your black trim to its initial sparkle.

Make Candles

Heat weapons can repairing any type of malfunctioning or unlevel candle lights.

Roast Coffee

Ever before wanted to roast your very own coffee? You need temperatures of 750 degrees Fahrenheit which should not be an issue for a lot of warm weapons.

Window Tint

You are essentially simply diminishing tint movie to your home window. The warmth weapon makes the procedure much smoother.

Dent Elimination

Have a little, superficial damage that needs to be fixed? Make use of the warmth gun to delicately warm the area. Then, apply dry ice to cool the metal and also pop out the damage. Do not overheat the steel or the paint will be removed at the same time.

Functions Of The Most Effective Heat Guns

When you remain in the marketplace for a new warm gun, right here are a few of the features you ought to try to find:


The majority of warmth weapons feature 1000 to 2000-watts of power. If there are air flow as well as heat controls on the gun, the more electrical power you have, the far better.

Safety and security Control

The primary control switch is typically found in front of the handgun grasp. This switch gets turned off automatically when the stress is gotten rid of making it much safer if the weapon gets dropped.

Temperature level Settings

Top notch guns will certainly generate a large range of temperature levels. The larger the range, the better the gun is.

Hanging Hook

This feature is a must-have if you wish to appropriately store the gun.

Air movement Settings

Premium guns will certainly offer greater than one rate or variable speed that makes the device better.

Surface Stand

This stand enables the gun to rest during work and afterward in a secure placement. It likewise allows for hands-free job such as bending a plastic pipe.


Warmth guns frequently feature a variety of nozzles that are used for numerous purposes. You typically will need to buy these separately, however it is necessary to keep in mind if your gun will work with the nozzles you desire.

Leading 6 Warmth Weapons Examined

Wagner Power Products 503008 Warmth Weapon

This affordable model tops my checklist as it is best for the periodic DIYer who functions around your home. The Wagner 0503008 design is light at just 1.9 extra pounds, yet sturdy and also made to last for your house projects.

At 1200v, as well as developed to be usable in a 110-120v socket, this warmth weapon flaunts 2 temperature setups of 750 or 1000 levels. Use the lower setups for thawing or the greater settings for bending and flexing.

The Wagner 0503008 includes a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee and also originates from leaders in the personal tool market. Look no more if are looking for affordability and quality.

PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG 1500-Watt Warm Gun

The Porter-Cable electric warmth weapon boasts a 1500w, extremely peaceful electric motor as well as is available in at just 2.5 extra pounds. This warmth weapon is developed for even more routine individuals as it features more functions. It is a fantastic option for painters or significant handymen.

It includes a variable temperature control dial which allows you to conveniently adjust your temperature level setups on the fly. The comfy rubberized hold makes this one an exceptional option for longer work as well as tasks to prevent hand strain. A consisted of stand likewise enables you to sit the gun upright to guide products before it for hands-free use.

The Porter-Cable heat gun includes a 1 year minimal solution producer’s service warranty and also a 90 day refund guarantee. I like this tool as I utilize it on a regular basis. If you desire high quality and also are willing to spend a little extra after that the Porter-cable is for you.

DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Weapon with LCD Display

The sturdy Dewalt version is ideal for professionals and also those needing heavy and also tough usage for many years ahead. This design includes an LCD show that allows you to tweak the temperature in 50 degree increments.

This heat gun is developed to last and developed for safety: a cord guard avoids the cable from tearing from the weapon real estate. An overload protector additionally stops the weapon from shed up triggered by hefty use. This is a design where you’ll obtain years of usage for your work. Incentives consist of a timeless Dewalt difficult situation and also a remarkably broad variety of devices.

The Dewalt D26980K heat gun includes a 3-year restricted maker’s guarantee.

Bosch 1942 14.3 Amp Heat Gun

Another choice for those that are mosting likely to be putting their warmth gun through hard usage. The 1942 is a long lasting as well as sturdy gun implied to handle whatever you put it with. Bosch has earned its fantastic online reputation with creating resilient and also long-term tools.

The 1942 electrical warm weapon includes 14.3 amps as well as a variable temperature level setup in between 750-1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Evaluating in at 3.5 pounds, the industrial gun features an effective blower for circumstances where a high volume of air (cool or warmed) is needed. The Bosch heat weapon comes with a one year limited guarantee from the date of acquisition.

I recommend this tool for those who have formerly utilized and liked the Bosch array.

Black & Decker HG1300 Dual Temperature Level Warm Gun

While not one of the most advanced version on the checklist, the HG1300 is very light weight, very easy to make use of, as well as has a portable design. Combined with being very budget friendly, it is a superb budget choice for DIY’ers.

This silent warm weapon includes a variable 2-temperature setup of 750 and 1000 degrees as well as it can reach its max heat temperature level really fast. Utilize it for defrosting out frozen pipelines, removing paint and flexing and welding plastics. A crack up stand that will keep the weapon upright prevents the warmed nozzle from melting anything the gun is laid on.

The Black & Decker HG1300 comes with a 2-year service warranty. A wonderful option for the household DIY’er.

Mini Warmth Weapon, Compact Hot Air Weapon

When you want an inexpensive warmth weapon for diminish tubes, reduce covering, embossing or melting plastics, this is an affordable alternative to check out. It is made from stainless-steel inside with ABDOMINAL plastic outside.

The warm vents are designed to minimize internal temperature levels while expanding item duration. It includes a two-pin US plug plus a 3-foot cable. The temperature of this weapon can get to 200-degrees in just seconds.

With this unit evaluating much less than one pound, it is light-weight and also simple enough for any person to make use of.

Heat Gun Vs Hair Clothes Dryer

Many people assume that using a hair dryer is the same as running a warmth weapon. While they both create heat and also have the same concept in layout, there are some huge distinctions between both.

First off, the optimum temperature level of the majority of hair dryers is 140 levels Fahrenheit. To have a hair dryer with higher temperatures than this would certainly melt your skin. The warm originating from the hair dryer isn’t mosting likely to be powerful sufficient for a lot of warmth gun applications.

Hair dryers are designed for drying out hair. There are times, nevertheless, where they may operate in a pinch for some applications of a warmth weapon. If you have a sticker label or adhesive that requires to be removed, the hair dryer might be effective enough, just beware not to overheat the system.

Warmth weapons are typically made to industrial-strength requirements as well as are suggested to do work promptly. They can commonly melt PVC and also quickly apply reduce wrap to gift baskets, boxes and also more. Furthermore, lots of designs use variable temperature level controls so you have more options offered.

The other significant difference is that a bulk of heat guns are made to be portable. This enables them to reach right into hard areas like corners with ease.

Diminish Cover Heat Gun

Lots of shrink wrap warmth weapons are powered by lp as opposed to electrical, although they work in a comparable style. They are portable devices that provide a trigger and deal with however they are connected to propane gas via a flexible rubber hose pipe.

The gas bottle can be positioned on a cart for security so moving around the object is less complicated. Gas gets drawn out of the barrel when the trigger is dispirited. It then combines with air in the barrel also. An electrode produces a spark which then ignites the gas/air blend to produce a fire.

There are safety measures included with these weapons. For instance, if the trigger gets released or the gun obtains dropped, the gas is removed as well as the flame will be extinguished. On top of that, the heater often tends to be protected by a cowl to prevent burns.

The shrink wrap warmth weapons can seem a little intimidating to utilize. The flame is visible and operation can be noisy. These guns have a tendency to diminish an oblong areal of 30 to 40 centimeters in diameter at once.

Tips & Tricks When Utilizing A Heat Gun

The warmth weapon should constantly be held at a 45-degree angle from the job. You also don’t want to maintain it in the same place for more than a few secs each time.

When stripping paint, it is very important that you utilize a scrape once the paint begins to bubble. If you continue to heat up the paint after it bubbles, you can burn the paint. If you discover that there is some paint which is hard to eliminate, do not continue making use of the weapon on it.

This can damage the wood or metal that you are heating. Rather, you can sand the surface for a top quality coating.

Final thought

An occasional DIY’er may select the easier as well as more modestly priced guns, which have whatever you require to do the job effectively.

On the other hand, if you’re a specialist preparation on carrying your heat gun with building and construction sites, you might intend to go with the advanced and durable versions like the Dewalt as well as Bosch.

These are assured to stand the challenges and dropping they might endure. You can’t go wrong with any one of these choices.

Depending on the job as well as your spending plan, you can decide on the most effective warm gun right here for your specific requirements to finish the job.


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