News & Features Videos MOTUL Roof of Africa – The 50th Edition

MOTUL Roof of Africa – The 50th Edition


This video showcases a memorable 50th Edition of the Motul Roof of Africa which was held in Lesotho in November 2017.

The Roof of Africa had its humble beginnings in 1967 when Bob Phillips, a Roads Engineer working in Lesotho, approached the Sports Car Club in Johannesburg and asked them if they would like to run a race over the worst road in the world that he had just finished building. The Roof of Africa was born!

Extreme weather conditions, highly skilled riders, and a beautiful backdrop brought to us by Mother Nature and the friendly people of Lesotho; This is The Motul Roof of Africa.

Cinematographers: Alan Shenton & Grant Lucas
Drone Pilot: Joe Fleming
Editor: Alan Shenton
Interview: Alfie Cox