Monday, June 25, 2018

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News & Features

Round the Houses / Time Trial

Red hot action from the Roof as Wade Young throws down the Gauntlet. #MOTUL #roofofafrica #zabikers


Anyone who has ridden a bike with knobblies on tar will know how little traction is available. To really amp things up you can...

MOTUL Roof of Africa 2017: Scrutineering and Pre-Race Preparation

We arrived in Maseru late afternoon yesterday, a quick walk through the pits, and chat with some off-road racing legends. #MOTUL #roofofafrica #zabikers

The calm before the storm

The atmosphere in Maseru is absolutely charged with excitement on the morning of the 50th anniversary of the ‘Mother of Hard Enduros.’ Chatting to...

The Official Riders Briefing for the 2017 MOTUL Roof of Africa!

The Official Riders Briefing for the 2017 MOTUL Roof of Africa by Darryl Curtis (route consultant ROA 2017). ALL riders, please store this SOS...

Brett Swanepoel raises his hand for the 2017 Roof of Africa title

Brett Swanepoel has raised his hand as a rider to beat in the race for the 2017 MOTUL Roof of Africa title. The PEPSON PLASTICS...

The clash of the enduro titans at the 2017 MOTUL Roof of Africa

In just under a week the world’s greatest enduro giants will step onto the African continent for the annual ‘Mother of Hard Enduro’, the...

KTM Vs Husqvarna – FACE OFF!

Husqvarna's Fred Fensham and KTM's Riaan Neveling state their case and rate their chances at this 50th anniversary, iconic, MOTUL ‘Roof of Africa’, 2017....

Sherco’s fight to win the Crown!

Sherco South Africa are taking part in the epic ‘Roof of Africa’ for the third time this year but this is the first year,...

James Hillier tackles 2017 MOTUL Roof of Africa

What do you do to get more kicks when you’re the 5th fastest man of all time around the Isle of Man TT course...

Past Winners

Past Winners – Hall of Fame

Past motorcycle winners of the Roof of Africa are as followed: 1969 Barry Broady RSA Honda 1970 Barry Broady RSA Honda 1971 Roy Lindley RSA Yamaha 1972 Roy Lindley RSA Yamaha 1973 Duncan Barson RSA Yamaha 1974 Duncan Barson RSA Yamaha 1975 Malcolm Smith USA KTM 1976 Kenny Skjoldhammer RSA KTM 1977 Robbie Wicks RSA KTM 1978 Elio...

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