Friday, October 20, 2017



Past Winners – Hall of Fame

Past motorcycle winners of the Roof of Africa are as followed: 1969 Barry Broady RSA Honda 1970 Barry Broady RSA Honda 1971 Roy Lindley RSA Yamaha 1972 Roy Lindley RSA Yamaha 1973 Duncan Barson RSA Yamaha 1974 Duncan Barson RSA Yamaha 1975 Malcolm Smith USA KTM 1976 Kenny Skjoldhammer RSA KTM 1977 Robbie Wicks RSA KTM 1978 Elio...

About the Roof of Africa

Learn more about the Roof’s history and find out the facts… The Roof of Africa had its humble beginnings in 1967 when Bob Phillips, a...

Event and Status

The status of the event is International The event will be known as the 2016 Roof of Africa, and will be run in the Kingdom...

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