Notice Board Documentation Procedures

Documentation Procedures


You will need to present the following at Documentation:

  • Passport
  • Competition Licence (see SR’s for licencing requirements)
  • Self Scrutineering Form (Gold class need to take this to Technical Inspection). Ensure that Frame and Engine Numbers are accurately recorded before presenting the form.

You must sign the control sheet and your signature confirms that you have received the following:

  • Documenation bag containing Programme, Bike Number Decals, Front Fork Decals, T-Shirt Coupon, Promotional Goodies
  • ID Card
  • Gift from Motul
  • You will also be issued with an ID armband .Please record any medical conditions or allergies on this band. This armband must be worn at all times and will be checked at the Start & Finish of all Racing Sections to confirm legality of competitors. Competitors will not be allowed to start any Racing Section without this.

CompulsoryTechnical Inspection (Gold Class only)

This will take place at the circle at Avani Lesotho outside the Convention Centre circle. Competitors must present their motorcycles for inspection between these times. . Press and Television Production will all be there and rider and team interviews will be conducted during this time. 

Riders Briefing
A video clip of the Riders Briefing will be sent to all competitors no later than Monday 13th., however MSA have insisted that all riders attend a formal briefing and that an attendance register is signed. This will be held at 07h30 at Avani Maseru. Only competitors identified by their ID card will be allowed to attend this briefing as well as MSA licenced entrants.

Unauthorised Riders on Route

Obviously this does not apply to you as a competitor, but we would appreciate that you let anybody know who might be intending to joy ride / spectate / help on the route that this will not be tolerated.

We will take action with the help of the Police against any non competing rider found on the route. We will also take action against any competitor who takes outside assistance from a non competing rider.

Please let everybody you may know to avoid any unpleasantness and to keep the routes clear for riders.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Outside Assistance

Remember that Outside Assistance, mechanical or physical is prohibited. Spectators may not help competitors over obstacles. The only exception to this rule is unplanned and unarranged assistance by local villagers. Refreshments/Hydration may be given to riders on the course.

Race Control Timing Tags

Race Control are the official scorers for the Roof of Africa. The system they use is triggered by 2 race control transponder tags, one mounted on the front mudguard approx 10cm from headlight or front number board and the other under the helmet peak as per the attached photos.

Competitors that already have transponder tags must bring them to the Race Control desk at Documentation for them to be programmed to your Roof of Africa assigned race number. Please ensure that you do not leave any un-programmed tags on your bike or helmet.

If you don’t have transponder tags they will be available at registration at R100 for the pair.