Notice Board Supplementary Regulations

Supplementary Regulations


Held under the International Sporting Code of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), The General Competition Rules and Cross Country Motorcycle & Quad Standing Supplementary Regulations of Motorsport South Africa (MSA), these Supplementary Regulations, Cross Country Mcycle & Quad Commission Circulars, any Final Instructions and Bulletins which may be issued to competitors.

MSA 15064 & IMN 490/08


Host Club Lesotho Off Road Association
Promoters Lesotho Off Road Association



Wednesday 15th November, 2017  
11h00 – 19h00 Documentation – Avani Lesotho Hotel
14h00 – 16h00 Technical Verification (Gold Class Only) – Avani Lesotho Hotel
19h30 Compulsory Riders Briefing – Riders and Entrants only – Avani Maseru Hotel
Thursday 16th November, 2017  
08h30 Pre Race Paddock Closes – Maseru Club Soccer Field
09h00 – 12h00 Round the Houses – Various races. Refer 5.1.1
09h00 – 10h30 Racing Section 1 Bronze Class
11h00 – 14h30 Racing Section 1 Gold & Silver Class
19h00 or earlier Posting of days Provisional Results
19h30 Time limit for Protest against Results
Friday 17th November, 2017  
06h00 Gold Start Racing Section 2
07h00 Silver Start Racing Section 2
08h00 Bronze Start Racing Section 2
19h00 or earlier Posting of days Provisional Results
19h30 Time limit for Protest against Results
Saturday 18th November, 2017  
06h00 Gold Start Racing Section 3
07h00 Silver Start Racing Section 3
08h00 Bronze Start Racing Section 3
30 minutes after 3rd Finisher Prize giving Podium for each class



4.1 Status of the event is INTERNATIONAL

4.2 The event will be known as the 2017 Motul Roof of Africa, and will be run in the Kingdom of Lesotho with it’s headquarters at Avani Lesotho in the capital city of Maseru. The event will start on Wednesday, 15th November 2017 at 11h00 when documentation commences and will be deemed to have finished once the results are final.

4.3 The event will comprise of the Round the Houses races (gold and Silver Classes only) followed by Racing Section 1 to be held on Thursday 16th November, 2017. This will be followed, on the 17th November and 18th November 2017 by two racing sections (Racing Sections 2 & 3).

4.4 There will be three Classes (Gold, Silver & Bronze). Competitors will be scored according to the Class in which they enter. Once entered, the competitor may not change class. Should a competitor enter both Gold and Silver Classes, he will be deemed to have entered Silver Class only.

4.5 Anywhere a vehicle can go in Lesotho is deemed to be a public road. Competitors are urged to consider that they are on such public roads and to exercise every possible caution whilst traversing them. Whilst the organizers have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure the closure of these roads, to advise local population of the event and to mark and marshal such roads, the absence of traffic, carts, animals and pedestrians etc. on these roads cannot be guaranteed. Competitors must at all times be vigilant with regard to racing through villages and on public roads. Competitors must keep to the left on all road sections. Competitors must consider all roads to be open to traffic & pedestrians for the duration of the event. Likewise, competitors are reminded of their responsibility for the behavior of their service crews and must ensure that they obey all the Rules of the Road in Lesotho, particularly with regard to speeding. The speed limit is 50 km/h in rural areas and 80km/h on National roads.



5.1.1 Competitors will be required to place their motorcycles in the Pre Race Paddock at the Maseru Club by 08h30 on Thursday 16th November, 2017, where they will be lined up for the Round the Houses. Any Motorcycle not in this Pre race Paddock by 08h30 will not be allowed to enter the Pre Race Paddock and will take penalties in accordance with SSR 337. Competitors will then be led out onto the Round the Houses Circuit and will complete a warm up lap behind the Official pace vehicle. Competitors must maintain their starting positions on the warm up lap and line up on the grid in their start positions. Competitors will complete 3 laps of 3.6 kms. Round the Houses time will be taken into account for the overall results.

5.1.2 Flags – The following flag signals are to be obeyed by all competitors in accordance with Appendix H

– National Flag The start of the race will be signaled by the lowering of the Lesotho National Flag
– Red Flag Race Stopped – Proceed to start at reduced speed. (Clerk of the Course Only) Art 4.
– Yellow Flag Exercise extreme caution – No overtaking until clear of obstruction or incident. Art 8.
– Chequered Flag End of Race. (Clerk of the Course Only) Art 3.


5.1.3 All standard regulations relating to circuit type racing must be observed and will be applied. Only flags stipulated in 5.1.2 will be used.

5.1.4 No Motard or Road type tyres will be permitted for Round the Houses. Tyres for Round the Houses must be “traditional knobbly” type.

5.1.5 Grid positions will be allocated by the Organisers at the close of entries based on previous Roof success, SA National Championships standing, International success, past experience, etc. and these will be notified to competitors at least a week prior to the event. Late entries may be started at the back of the grid.

5.1.6 Any competitor who fails to start the Round the Houses will be given a twenty minute penalty. Any competitor who starts, but fails to finish Round the Houses before the Official Vehicle sweeps the circuit, will be given a ten minute penalty.

5.1.7 To be classified as a finisher of the Round the Houses race, a competitor must complete all three laps, irrespective of whether or not he has been lapped. Any competitor lapped by the Official Vehicle prior to having completed three laps will be deemed a non-finisher of the Round the Houses.

5.1.8 It is strictly forbidden to ride around the “Round the Houses” Circuit for the purpose of practice or familiarisation with the course prior to the warm up lap as outlined in ART 5.1.1 of these Supplementary Regulations.

5.1.9 On completion of Round the Houses, competitors will be directed off the Circuit and proceed to the Start of Racing Section 1 Bikes may be trailered or ridden.

5.2 RACING SECTION 1 – Thursday 16th November 2017

5.2.1. Bronze Competitors may start Racing Section 1 anytime between 9h00 and 10h30 and Silver and Gold between 11h00 and 14h00 on Thursday 16th November 2017. The onus will be on the competitor to present themselves to the Start Officials between these times. The top 10 seeded competitors will be allocated a start time starting at 12h00 which must be adhered to. This is to ensure closeness for Television Crews to capture all top competitors.

5.2.2 In addition to any penalties incurred on Round the Houses the following penalties will apply to Racing Section 1:

To be deemed to have finished Racing Section 1, competitors must complete this section within a time of double that of the fastest competitor in each class. Any competitor who does not complete this section within the allocated time will be given the racing time of the last in class finisher plus 30 minutes.

5.3 RACING SECTION 2 – Friday 17th November 2017

The starting order and time intervals for Racing Section 2 will be determined by the combined results of Round the Houses and Racing Section 1 by Class.

Any competitor not completing Racing Section 2 shall be excluded from the bronze, silver and gold finisher badge qualification in addition to being given the slowest competitors racing time plus 5 hours. The competitor however remains as a participant in the overall results and is allowed to start next day.

5.4 RACING SECTION 3 – Saturday 18th November 2017

5.4.1 The starting order and time intervals for Racing Section 3 will be determined by the combined results of Round the Houses plus Racing Section 1&2 by Class.

5.4.2 The order of arrival at the end of Racing Section 3 will not necessarily determine the order of finishing in the results, as all time adjustments for the start of Racing Sections 2 & 3 will be added back at the finish of the event. In addition, any penalties incurred by competitors on Round the Houses, Racing Sections 1, 2 & 3 may only be taken into account at the finish of the event. In other words, the total elapsed time taken by each competitor to complete Round the Houses plus Racing Sections 1, 2 & 3, plus any penalties incurred, will determine that competitors final position in the Motul Roof of Africa, the competitor with the least total time, being declared the winner.


The area within a 5 km radius of Bushmans Pass, Belekome Pass, Mankaluba Pass, Moselemane Pass, Maurice Pass, Push Me, Snakebite Pass are strictly out of bounds to competitors intending to compete in the 2017 Motul Roof of Africa from the date of publication of these Supplementary Regulations. This is not an attempt to curb practice on the route but to protect the environment.

It is strictly forbidden for competitors to be on or in the vicinity of the route (this includes inter-alia bicycling, walking etc.) for the purpose of practice or familiarisation with the course 45 days prior to the commencement of the event. This also applies to the Round the Houses section. The No Go area for practice after 1st October 2017 is defined as the 50km.

radius arc from St. Michaels as depicted in the map below

1st October 2017 will be the last day for any pre-race practice in Lesotho other than at any designated area approved by bulletin to all competitors.

Competitors will be precluded or excluded from the event for:

Found to be practicing on or after 1st October 2017 in the No Go area defined on the above map.

Riding or exploring “not previously raced” routes after 1st August, 2017.

Taking part or attending training schools or camps in Lesotho after 1st August, 2017 that have not been approved by Lesotho Off Road Association. Approval to hold training schools must be obtained from the LORA committee who can be contacted on e-mail at:


6.1 List of Officials of the Meeting  
Jury President Neil McCann (A-Grade – 35111)
1st Jury member Mike Kinnear (A-Grade – 495/2017)
2nd Jury member Lindy Sutherland (A-Grade – 226/2017)
Environmental Steward Mike Kinnear
Clerk of the Course Clint Rieper (A-Grade – WC245)
Secretary of the Meeting Karen Badenhorst (TBA)
Marshals Lesotho Off Road Association
Timekeepers/Scorers Race Control represented by Darren Bishop – EP42/2017
Chief Medical Officer Dr, Wessels from ER24 represented by Pieter Bekker


With the exception of the Jury members, all appointed officials are authorised to assist competitors in terms of SSR 344.



All participants undertake to indemnify and hold harmless the FIM, MSA, the sponsors, promoters, organisers and officials, the employees, officers and agents, from and against any and all liability to third parties for any loss, damage or injury for which he/she is jointly and severally liable.

7.1.1 All competitors in the Silver and Bronze class need to hold a minimum of an annual 2017 MSA Club licence with a minimum of Option 1 club insurance.

Gold Class riders need to hold a minimum of a 2017 MSA National licence with minimum of Option 4 medical insurance, as well as a FIM International Licence which can be obtained from MSA.

Licences can be obtained from MSA (Carmen Hill – / 011 675 2220). No Licences will be sold at Documentation.

International competitors that currently hold a FIM/FIA licence would need to receive a start permission letter from their Motorsport Body allowing them to compete.

This letter needs to include which medical insurance covers them. This letter must be sent to the organisers and MSA (Carmen Hill –

All competitors must submit a copy of their competition licence to the organisers by no later than 31st October, 2017. These must be mailed to Any competitor who does not submit their licence by this date will automatically have their entry cancelled and no refund will be paid.

7.1.2 All competitors must comply with SSR 325 and be 16 years or older at 30th November, 2017.

7.2 Competition Numbers will be allocated by the organisers and these numbers & backings will be issued at Documentation. Competitors from FMN’s other than MSA will be allocated their initials as competition numbers. These numbers and backings may in no way be cut or changed, unless it would be impossible to fit them onto the bike in their standard format in which instance, the cutting may only be made to accommodate them and the decal should maintain its original shape as much as possible.

As an alternative to the numbers supplied by the organisers, competitors may opt to use custom number kits available only from Bandit Signs. This is to ensure uniformity of the kits supplied, No other sticker kits will be allowed.


Motorcycles must comply with SSR 329. (A headlight is recommended).

7.3.1 No Trials type tyres are allowed.


Competitor’s attention is drawn to GCR 246(iii) which makes it a condition of entry to display the event sponsor/s advertising material supplied by the Organisers. Refer also to GCR 247 and SSR 329. This advertising must be displayed on competing motorcycles as indicated in a sketch which will be provided on the LORA website and at documentation. Only the official number board (or that supplied by Bandit Signs) may be displayed on the front number board ie. no other advertising on the front number board/headlight is allowed. The front fork area between the triple clamps and the sliders (upside down forks) or the area of the lower front forks (conventional forks) is also reserved for event sponsors advertising. Inspection of these will be carried out on the Start line of all sections and any competitor not complying will not be allowed to start. If a competitor needs replacement decals prior to the start, they will be provided free of charge.

7.5 Competitors acknowledge that an event of this nature is made possible not only by the riders’ and their sponsor’s participation, but also through the support of numerous sponsors and partners to the event, who invest significantly in the event. Competitors, their entrants and / or sponsors are thus required to ensure that they do not display branding or allow their sponsors to display branding in such a place or such a manner which is calculated to achieve unreasonable publicity for any product, that competes with those of the official event sponsors, and thereby derive promotional benefit from the event without the prior authority of the organisers. A contravention of this regulation will be investigated thoroughly by the stewards and may result in a time penalty or even the exclusion of the rider/s concerned. Branding compliance officials will be appointed and any instruction communicated by them must be complied with.

This regulation applies to the whole course, the routes to and from any section of the course and the demarcated control and or other official areas of the event, including the entrances to and the interiors of the Avani Lesotho Hotel and Avani Maseru Hotel hotels. The rider’s own pits / paddock and parking area are regarded as open areas and they may display any branding or sponsors trademarks provided these do not encroach on any of the aforementioned areas.

7.5 Provision of Services – No individual, company or organization may advertise or provide a commercial service or supply to competitors at the event without the prior approval of the Promotors. The penalty for competitors making use of a non-approved commercial service or supplier is exclusion. This regulation applies whether or not the service is paid for, or provided free of charge. This regulation does not apply to bona fide Service Crews provided free of charge.

7.6 Acquaintance with and Submission to the Rules. Competitor’s attention is drawn to GCR 122.


8.1 Only on line entries will be accepted from the website:

8.2 Motorsport South Africa (Lesotho, South African, Swaziland) Competitors
Entries open on 14th August 2017, for Gold & Bronze Classes and from the 21st August for Silver Class and close on the 1st October 2017 or when the entry limit is reached.

To qualify for entry in the Bronze Class, competitors must have been classified a finisher in the 2017 Motul Roof of Africa Bronze Qualifier and must enter (entered and paid) before 31st August 2017.

For entry into the Roof of Africa Silver or Gold Classes the following criteria will be strictly enforced. The competitor must have:

  • Previously entered a Roof of Africa.
  • Or, Entered and finished a SA National Enduro in a National Championship Class in the last 3 years (2015- 2017).

The Organisers will limit the number of entries to a maximum of 300 entries for the Gold & Silver Classes and 150 entries for Bronze Class. Once these limits are reached, waiting lists will be opened for the various classes and competitors on the waiting list will be incorporated into the entry if places become available due to withdrawal of entries.

All entries must reflect in our bank within 48 hours of the entry being placed. An entry is not considered an entry unless accompanied by the full payment. It is up to the competitor to ensure that their entry appears on the entry list and that it is confirmed as paid. Competitors will not appear on the entry list until payment of entry is received.

8.3 International Competitors (from Federations other than MSA)

Entries open for all Classes on 14th August and entries will be accepted from competitors from other Federations until 31st October, 2017. Competitors must enter using the “International Entry” tab/heading on the online entry page. For entry into the Roof of Africa by licence holders from other federations, proof of successful competition in other FIM sanctioned Enduro or Extreme Enduro events may be requested and will need to be supplied.

Competitors from other Federations must please not transfer entry fees but pay cash at Documentation.

8.4 Should a competitor wish to withdraw an entry he should inform the Organisers in writing, by no later than 16h30 on 15th October, 2017.


R 6,000.00 – Gold & Silver Class.
R 5,500.00 – Bronze Class.

(includes Competitor Satellite tracking, GPS Services, Timing Services, MSA Levies, Community Levy)

Competitors must transfer their entry fee directly into the bank account detailed below. Please quote your surname as the reference to ensure that it gets credited to the correct entry. No cash deposits please as these will attract cash deposit fees for the entrant. Please print and email your proof of payment to the address below.

Bank Details
Account Name Extreme Off Road Promotions (PTY) Ltd
Bank Standard Bank of South Africa
Account Number 24 057 2327
Branch Name & Code Ladybrand – 05 56 33
E- Mail (for Proof of Payment)




If the Organisers are in receipt of a withdrawal of entry as stated in 8.4 above, they will refund the entry fee less R600.00 until 30th. September. Withdrawals between 1st. October and 31st October will attract a R1,500.00 cancellation fee. After 1st November, 2017 there will no refunds for any reason whatsoever (this includes Medical, Personal and Family related reasons).


Race Headquarters will be situated at Avani Lesotho Hotel for the duration of the event.

Riders Briefing is compulsory for all riders. A sign on register will be in operation. Licenced Entrants may also attend however Service Crews and spectators may not attend this briefing. The briefing will also be circulated to riders by means of a Video Clip, the link for which will be circulated to riders no later than Monday, 13th November, 2017.

There will be an Official Notice Board at Race headquarters and this will also be on the web page:

Due to competitors being spread out around the country, results will not be posted in hard copy. Results will be posted on the web page:


10.1 All competitors will be required to undergo documentation between 11h00 and 19h00 on the 15th November 2017 at the Avani Lesotho Hotel. Competitors must produce the following at Documentation:

  • Passport for positive identification.
  • Completed Self Scrutineering Form.

10.3 All Gold class competitors having completed documentation must present themselves, as well as their motorcycles & helmets for technical verification at the times advised to them by bulletin. Items to be checked will include frame & engine numbers, decal compliance and transponder placement. In addition there will be an area set up for press interviews of riders & teams as well as a chance for autograph signing for supporters.


A Jetting strip will be set up at the Popes Podium. To gain access to the jetting strip, turn immediately left when leaving Avani Lesotho Hotel gate and follow the markers.

Competitors reported riding around town testing bikes or not obeying normal traffic rules and speed limits will be excluded from the event.


Competitors using the jetting strip must wear a minimum of crash helmet, gloves, long trousers, long sleeved shirt and shoes.


12.1 Designated Service Points will be specified in the Race Bulletins published on the web site: as well as on the Official Notice Board at race headquarters.

12.2 The number of fuel cans required by competitors will be published on the web site: at least two weeks prior the event, however competitors can work on a provisional 4 Fuel Can requirement.

12.3 Competitors must deposit their fuel cans in the designated area by no later than 07h00 on Thursday 16th November 2017. Competitors must ensure that their fuel cans are clearly and indelibly marked with their competition numbers. Competitors are responsible for clear numbering on fuel containers and must also ensure that numbers cannot rub off en route to refuel site. Any unmarked cans will be left on the trucks and it will be the competitor’s own responsibility to sort out their own fuel. Note that only proper thick plastic fuel containers in good condition and with properly sealed tops will be loaded onto fuel trucks. Cool drink and Mineral Water Bottles or similar are not acceptable. The fuel trucks will return to the designated area at approximately 20h00 on Saturday 18th November 2017. Any drums not collected by 11h00 on Sunday the 19th November 2017 will be removed and disposed of by the Organisers. The Organisers cannot be held responsible for fuel cans that leak or do not arrive at the fuel points, or that do not arrive back.


13.1 Time bars will operate at specific marshal points on the route and at the finish. The marshal points and times at which competitors will be time barred at these points will be stipulated in a bulletin which will be posted on the Official Notice Board at Race Headquarters prior to Documentation.

13.2 Should a competitor arrive at the marshal point after the time specified in the bulletin (or as extended by the Clerk of the Course or the Route Director), he will be instructed to stop racing and return to the Finish by the most direct route. The Organisers will not be responsible for sweeping and/or medical recovery of any competitor who disregards a marshal’s instructions in this regard. Any competitor who disregards a marshal’s instruction in this regard is automatically excluded.


Race Control will constantly monitor competitor’s progress throughout the event by means of the satellite tracking system. If deemed necessary a sweep vehicle/helicopter will be deployed (weather permitting) to rescue stranded/injured competitors.

Competitors are to note that the Organisers are not obliged under any circumstance to provide any service for the recovery of motorcycles although they will endeavor to help where possible.

14.1 Communication with service crews via means of any radio equipment such as HF, VHF or CB or satellites is prohibited. Competitors must carry cellular telephones to communicate in case of emergencies, however not all of Lesotho has cellular telephone coverage.


Every competitor is responsible for their own navigation during the event. A GPS device is the primary navigation aid and is mandatory for the event. A minimum of one GPS unit (however two devices are recommended) must be carried for navigation and safety during the event. In an effort to limit our environmental footprint, route marking will be kept to the bare minimum and only major junctions and deviations from the obvious track will be marked.

Although any make of GPS may be used, the organisers are only able to upload the route or maps to GARMIN devices. Should a competitor decide to use a non Garmin device, he must also be able to provide the organisers with the necessary equipment to produce a GPX track of their racing activities.

Track files will be available for competitors for download by latest Monday. 13th November 2017. Files will supplied in GPX format in filtered and unfiltered versions and it is the competitor’s responsibility to upload these files correctly to their GPS units.

In addition, officials will be on hand at documentation to help with uploads. A maximum of two devices will be uploaded per competitor. These devices need to be cleared of all tracks, waypoints, routes and saved tracks before the necessary information can be uploaded by officials It is the responsibility of the competitor to clear their devices of all routes and tracks. No official can be held responsible for lost data during the loading process.

At the end of the day the competitors must make their devices available to officials for downloading and verification of their track. All competitors will ensure that their track log of the device is enabled (recording) in case the devices are needed to verify the competitor’s true route travelled or to determine an award for medical help compensation. If no track log can be found or detected conforming to the predetermined route, the contestant may be excluded from the results or not awarded medical help compensation.


All competitors will be issued with a satellite tracking device at Documentation. This unit must be mounted to the competing motorcycle as instructed. This system will enable the organisers to monitor and pinpoint a riders location at any time during the event, thereby enhancing competitors safety. If a competitor has to abandon a motorcycle during the event, the tracking unit must accompany the rider. Competitors may have to provide some form of security deposit (credit card swipe, passport etc.) for the tracking unit. Full details of the modus operandi of this system will be advised to competitors by means of Race Bulletin before the event. Competitors will be fully responsible for the cost of lost or damaged units.


All competitors must register with Race Control Timing System at Documentation.

17.1 Competitors must remove any existing Race Control tags from their bikes and bring these to documentation.

17.2 Competitors must bring their helmets with existing tags or for a new tag to registration.

17.3 Competitors will be need two timing tags, one on the helmet peak and the other to be fitted to the front mudguard of the bike. They must not be placed anywhere else.


Competitors, Service Crews and Spectators are reminded that they are guests in Lesotho and should behave accordingly. Any acts of drunken, uncouth behavior, hooliganism or racism will be treated by the organisers and Police with the contempt it deserves and may lead to arrest, confiscation of passport and subsequent court appearances.

Road Traffic ACT 1981

Competitors, Service crews and Spectators are to note that unless an appropriate traffic sign is displayed to the contrary, every public road or section thereof within a built up area, shall be subject to a general speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour, and every public road or section thereof outside the built up areas shall be subject to a general speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour.

Also, Road users shall avoid any behavior likely to endanger or obstruct traffic, to endanger persons or to cause damage public or private property.

The Organisers have been afforded the privilege of staging this event through populated, cultivated and remote areas. Please exercise caution through populated and cultivated areas and where livestock and people are concerned. Competitors are required to act responsibly so that the event may take place in the future.

“Yellow Flag” conditions should be adhered to and no overtaking should occur within a respectable distance of any funeral procession, as organisers are not aware of where and when these may happen.

The route may traverse cultivated lands and when it does competitors are to stay on the route and away from the crops. Competitors found not doing so will be excluded from the event and reported to MSA for further disciplinary action. In many places the route may be narrow and dusty and mud may be a problem. You should therefore, afford any competitor who has caught up with you every opportunity to overtake.

Competitors and service crews are requested to be considerate to the landowners when retrieving stranded bikes from the route and to ensure that damage to cultivated and grazing lands is avoided. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action being taken against the competitor concerned. Service crews are also instructed to be respectful of crops and vegetation at spectator points.

19.1 Refer to SSR 352.
19.2 Round the Houses Penalties – Refer to Art 5.1.4.
19.3 Racing Section 1 Penalties – Refer to Art 5.2.2.
19.4 Racing Section 2 Penalties – Refer to Art 5.3.
19.5 Failure to comply with Art 15 – Exclusion or an appropriate time penalty at the discretion of the COC.


20.1 Prize giving will take place on the Podium for the first three in each class 30 minutes after the finish of the 3rd placed competitor in each class. All other awards may be collected at Avani Maseru on Saturday 18th November between 21h00 and 23h00 and on Sunday 19th November between 07h00 and 09h00 at Avani Lesotho.


21.1 Overall Awards
Trophies will be awarded to competitors placed from 1st – 15th Overall in Gold Class and 1st – 6th Overall in Silver & Bronze Classes.

21.2 Special Awards

  • Highest Placed Mosotho Entrant.
  • Highest Placed Lady Entrant in each class Spirit of the Roof.
  • Last Finisher (most time on the route).

21.3 Manufacturers Awards
A trophy will be awarded determined as follows: The three motorcycles/quads of the same manufacturer having the lowest aggregate overall finishing positions, will be adjudged the winning manufacturer’s team. In the event of a tie, the finishing positions of the highest placed members of the respective teams will be used to determine the winning team.

21.4 Finishers Badges
Finishers badges will be presented to all competitors who are classified as finishers of the event. – Refer to Art 5.3 and 21.5.


22.1 The Clerk of the Course or his Assistant(s) or Route Director reserve the right (if possible in consultation, but not limited to) to:

22.1.1 Alter the departure times, cut off times, start point, route and finish point (regardless of whether some competitors have already passed this point) if forced to do so through weather conditions, or for any other valid reasons.

22.1.2 Alter the starting and scoring methods, if it is found necessary to do so. 22.2 The Promoters / Organisers reserve the right (subject to approval of MSA) to:

22.2.1 Postpone, abandon or cancel the event for reasons of “force majeure” (Refer to GCR’s 62 and 244). In the event of postponement for more than twenty-four hours entrants will be refunded their entry fee. Refer to GCR 109(iv).

22.2.2 Postpone, abandon or cancel the event if fewer than 100 paid entries are received by the time and date of entries closing. Refer to GCR 99(v).

22,2.3 Refuse any entry. Refer to GCR’s 99(i) and 100.


In order to permit the widest possible dissemination and promotion of the Motul Roof of Africa, any and all persons taking part in the Motul Roof of Africa for any reason (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Competitors) acknowledge and agree that their participation in the competition grants to the organizers and assignees the irrevocable right to reproduce and display, without any compensation whatsoever, their name, likeness, voice, biography and history, and more generally, their sports performance in connection with the Motul Roof of Africa as well as the trade name(s), trade mark(s), brand(s) of their vehicle parts manufacturers, constructors and sponsors, in any and all forms, on any media (whether now existing or hereafter developed) and in any format, for all kinds of world-wide use, including advertising and/or commercial use without any restrictions whatsoever except for those mentioned hereinafter, and for the entire du- ration of the protection currently granted for such use by legal or statutory provisions, judicial and/or arbitral decisions of all countries, as well as international conventions (present and future), including eventual extensions that could be made to this duration.

Likewise, with the exception of books, photograph books, comic strips, in any form of publication, video cassettes, CD- ROMs, DVD’s or more generally all video recording or videodiscs, on any kind of device and in any format whatsoever, dealing with all or part of the Motul Roof of Africa, posters, travel diaries, autograph books, maps, official programs of the Motul Roof of Africa, the organizer will not exploit or allow the exploitation of the individual image of the Competitor in the context of marketing by-products known as merchandising.

The Maseru Bridge Border Post is open 24 hours.

Competitors and crews are advised to use an alternate border post to Maseru Bridge when leaving Lesotho on Sunday to avoid the long queues at the South African Border Post. Those traveling to North and to Natal should make use of the Peka Bridge Border gate, whilst those traveling in East London / P.E. direction should make use of the Van Rooyens Gate Border Post. Ensure that your trailers licences are up to date as these are often checked at the border when leaving Lesotho.

Large areas of Lesotho are now covered by Cell phone. Lesotho networks are independent and you will need international roaming to be enabled with your network provider. Please ensure this is done before you come to Lesotho.

Due to the nature and isolation of the terrain we race in it is compulsory that each competitor carry the following items listed below in their tool bag or hydration pack. A check for these items may be carried out at various points along the route and failure to comply will results in a penalty. This is for your own safety.

  • 1 x Well stocked Medical Kit
  • 1 x Lighter or Box of matches and small piece of firelighter
  • 1 x GSM Mobile Phone with local sim card – Must be in a waterproof holder
  • 1 x Head torch or suitable light source
  • 1 x Distress Mirror
  • 1 x Small pack of emergency food rations (Energy bars/nuts/Dried fruit etc)
  • 2 x litres of water
  • Medical Board (OK and +) – to be displayed if the helicopter is overhead
  • 2 x Silver foil Space Blankets
  • 1 x Pencil and small note book
  • 1 x Spare Spark Plug
  • 1 x Fully stocked Tool kit


In extreme cases of injury at the event we have access to helicopters that are available at all times for medical evacuation. We have teams of Paramedics in ambulances located at strategic points along the routes to assist with any injuries.

In the unlikely event that you are forced to sleep out in the mountains, the main point is not to panic. The Basotho people in the mountain villages are extremely humble and accommodating. They have all been made aware of the event so know exactly what is going on. If you have a breakdown and realize you will not make it to the next control please do the following:

  • Immediately phone the Emergency contact number (This will be printed on your number board) giving Race Control your GPS location and inform them of your situation.
  • If there is no cell signal and still daylight, walk to the nearest village and enquire where and if signal is available. There is always someone who will understand a bit of English.
  • If you are unable to continue and darkness is arriving, immediately look for a Village or hut, go there and ask for help.
  • In most cases the villagers will assist you with a dry place to sleep, please make sure you are courteous towards them, they are helping you with what little they have.

USE COMMON SENSE: If you have only managed to cover 60-80 km’s in 6 hrs and there is still 60 km’s to go at 3pm or from the last marshal point: there is no way you will make it before darkness so it would be wise to retire at the Marshal point and be SAFE instead of carrying on and becoming stranded in the darkness.

Every motorcyclist is encouraged to enjoy, to the fullest extent, their race through this country without leaving damaging footprints.

Oil Disposal Bins will be provided at both hotels and the DSP. Please make use of them.

Refuelling at non assisted refuels must take place on the plastic sheeting provided. Competitors must ensure the use of environmental mats at assisted refuels.

Rubbish Bags will be issued at documentation. Please take your rubbish with you.

Noise – Any motorcycle deemed to have excessive decibel readings will be tested and competitors will then have to silence their machines to required levels before being allowed to start the event. It is every competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their motorcycle complies with the current noise regulations and we urge competitors, team managers and entrants to be aware of this and be their own “policeman”. Avoid unnecessary revving of motorcycles. Keep children at least 10 metres away from start areas and revving motorcycles. NATURE IS, AND MUST, REMAIN THE HERITAGE OF HUMANITY. MAN IS, AND MUST BE, IT’S PROTECTOR.

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