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Medical Services

The ER24  Medical team comprises highly qualified paramedics, doctors and nursing practitioners registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). They are supported by a specialised medical services management team to ensure fast and effective action in case of any medical emergency at the event.

ER24 is a trusted medical emergency services provider using innovative technologies that ensure seamless communication, and are set to deliver reliable emergency medical assistance at the event.

Roof Of Africa even safer: Satellite tracking system.

If you have ever ridden in Lesotho, you will understand just how remote and mountainous some of the regions in Lesotho are. This year, the route directors have set out to find the most extreme mountain passes, places where few if any people have ever ridden before.

Many of these areas are extremely remote, so tracking and monitoring the safety of riders is a critical part of managing a race of this nature.

Although large parts of lesotho are covered by Cell phone signal, the nature and remoteness of the route rules out GPRS (cell phone based) systems which do not provide 100% coverage, hence a satellite based system is used. Although a lot more expensive, it ensures that riders are monitored 100% of the time by Race Control.

The added benefit of the tracking system is that because it is Internet based, anybody, anywhere in the world can follow any rider as he progresses in the race.